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Boat, Winchester Harbor In Extension & Experiment Station Films and Videos (P 120) -- (LS 1/4/4/22)., Undated.
Williams, Gerald W.. Booth Bridge overlooking dam and powerhouse [archival photograph] ., Undated.
Matthews, Oliver. Looking up Smith River Near Gasquet In Oliver Matthews Photograph Collection (P 118)., Undated.
Lookout tower on the North Umpqua In College of Forestry Photograph Collection (P 61) -- Forestry Structures., Undated.
Williams, Gerald W.. Mott Bridge crossing the North Umpqua River at Steamboat [archival photograph] ., Undated.
Williams, Gerald W.. "Mott Bridge crossing the North Umpqua River at Steamboat (second view). [archival photograph].". Undated.
Preparing to survey the industrial waste of an outfall plume near Winchester Bay, Oregon, are Bert Barnes and Bob Manor (used in 1971 Beaver, p.29) In Beaver Yearbook Photographs (P 3)., Undated.
Partnership for the Umpqua Rivers. [Restoration projects by creek] ., Undated.
Williams, Gerald W.. Roseburg dam and bridge [archival photograph] ., Undated.
Williams, Gerald W.. South Umpqua River near Winston, Oregon [archival photograph] ., Undated.
Typical lay of land and farm upon the cut over section on Smith River, Douglas County In Extension Bulletin Illustrations Photograph Collection (P 20)., Undated.
[UBWC Smith River Area Stream Survey Photographs] ., Undated.
Williams, Gerald W.. Umpqua River dam near Roseburg, Oregon [archival photograph] ., Undated.
Lawrence, William. "Umpqua Valley looking southeast showing prune orchard, and corn field to the right of the river. On the north side may be seen the extent of a stream as shown by the line of firs bordered by a zone of oaks."; Near Kellogg, Oregon, July 27, 1918 In Herbarium Photograph Collection (P 93)., Undated.
View of Diamond Lake, ca. 1950s (Oregon State Game Commission photo) In 4-H Photograph Collection (P 146), Acc. 93:068., Undated.
Miller, R., M. Sytsma, V. Morgan, and Portland State University. Center for Lakes and Reservoirs. Aquatic Invasive Species Surveys of Pacificorp’s North Umpqua River Impoundments . Portland, Or.: Portland State University, 2013.
Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission. Aquatic Nuisance Species Project . Portland, Or.: Pacific States marine Fisheries Commission, 2013.
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Clark, Steven(Steven Michael). Breeding Site Selection by Coho Salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) in Relation to Large Wood Additions and Factors that Drive Reproductive Success Dept. of Fisheries and Wildlife. Fisheries Science. M.S. Corvallis, Or.: Oregon State University, 2013.
Lim, Youngah. Cost-efficient management of aquatic invasive species: application to New Zealand mudsnails in the Pacific Northwest Dept. of Applied Economics. Ph. D. Corvallis, Or.: Oregon State University, 2013.
Kirkby, Kristen-Marie S.. Distribution of juvenile salmonids and stream habitat relative to 15-year-old debris-flow deposits in the Oregon Coast Range Dept. of Fisheries and Wildlife, Fisheries. M.S. Corvallis, Or.: Oregon State University, 2013.
Kibler, Kelly M., Arne Skaugset, Lisa M. Ganio, and Manuela M. Huso. "Effect of contemporary forest harvesting practices on headwater stream temperatures: Initial response of the Hinkle Creek catchment, Pacific Northwest, USA." Forest Ecology and Management. 2013. v.v. 310: p.680-691.
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